Since 2012

At Blackwoods we don't serve fastfood...
We serve good food as fast as we can!

Blackwoods pub was bought in 2012

The vision was to make the restaurant into a combination of family friendly fun as well as a local pub where anyone can visit to just sit back and relax.

With A wood fired oven and traditional braai, to add there is a great variety of other food and drink options.

Plenty of things for children to enjoy as well as a different jumping castle every week makes it easy for parents to be able to watch their children and unwind at the same time from a busy day.

The wide open outside area as well as the inside bar give those ones without little ones space to enjoy their drinks and meals as well.

Whether a birthday party, anniversary , special occasion or just a day out, everyone has been able to enjoy any one of our sections for any occasion.

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1. The whole Gwarra Gwarra Steak and side dish must be eaten! NO "doggy bag" or help from friends allowed.
2. After the meal has been completed, the manager on duty must sign your card.

3. After all 10 dates have been completed, you will receive a Blackwoods Pub, Gwarra Gwarra Club T-Shirt, a bottle of sparkling wine and your badge will go up on the Gwarra Gwarra Wall

"We'll beat your Ouma any day!"



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"Best value all over"
is our promise to make only the greatest and tastest Vetkoek at the most affordable price.

We're passionate about good food and make our Vetkoek in great South African tradition - ensuring you get them fresh and piping hot!!

Come and Taste our Famous

Blackwoods Restaurant
1/2 Hennops View Shop Ctr, Blackwood Rd,
Hennops Park, Centurion, 0157

Tel: 012 654 0969